Wednesday, March 17, 2010

'Hubble 3D' soaring with positive reviews!

Be among the first to blast into orbit with Hubble 3D, opening Friday at the New England Aquarium's Simons IMAX Theatre and at theaters nationwide!

Join narrator Leonardo DiCaprio and a brave team of NASA astronauts on a landmark shuttle mission. No other documentary puts you as close to zero-gravity! From the seat-shaking moments of liftoff to the dazzling images of distant galaxies, experience the power and wonder of space exploration in spectacular IMAX 3D. This family-friendly space adventure brings you alongside astronauts floating above Earth as they perform a series of suspenseful space walks to repair the Hubble telescope--our best link to the far-flung mysteries of outer space.

Get your tickets today!

Here is what others are saying about the film:

"Projected in an almost tactile three dimensions on giant IMAX screens, 'Hubble' is about as close as most of us ever will get to a trip into space."
- Associated Press (via

"Structured around a tricky NASA service-and-repair mission, the latest IMAX venture from producer-director Toni Myers ("Under the Sea 3D") lingers to transfixing effect on images captured by the famous telescope, inspiring the viewer's awe in the possibilities of giant-screen cinema as well as the mysteries of space."
- Variety

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