Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Countdown

Our blue planet is chock full of amazing animals—from vibrant mandarinfish to lithe fur seals to sleek sharks. But during this time of year we like to focus on the mysterious, frightening and downright creepy animals (all 100-percent amazing, of course) that you'll find at the Aquarium. 

Followers on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, TumblrGoogle + and Instagram) have been seeing some pictures of the creepiest of the creepy in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Here's a round-up of those impressive animals, all in one place. Some were chosen for their looks, some for their fierce reputation, some just scream Halloween. Scroll and enjoy!

Oh, and you can see the stars of this Halloween Countdown at the Aquarium. Save $3 on each ticket when you flash this online coupon at our Box Office. Just a little treat to say Happy Halloween!

Goosefish, with a snaggletooth maw that can engulf prey whole

Bonnethead shark, the smallest of the hammerhead family with lightening-fast reflexes and those far out eyes 

Chambered nautilus, hovers through dark waters with enormous eyes and
a tangle of tentacles 

Green anaconda, 13 feet of slithering strength and beauty. 'Nuf said. 

Lionfish, an absolutely frightening invader of Caribbean reefs with a mane of venomous
fins and no fear

Ocillated frogfish, pretends to be coral all day long and then you realize it's a fish

Green moray eel, with mucus-covered skin in just the right shade of witch and a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth

Comb jellies. Or brainless, blobby alien ghosts.

Giant Pacific octopus, this eight-armed maven arrived around Halloween last year and
has the appropriate nickname of Elvira

The Halloween lobster lives! Nicknamed Pinchy, this American lobster arrived around Halloween several years ago
with a genetic mutation that makes every day Halloween 

Did we mention we had a Halloween treat for you—you know, besides all the Halloween animals you can see at the Aquarium? Click to go to the online coupon then show it at our Box Office and you'll receive $3 off up to four admissions to the Aquarium! This coupon is good until November 30.

Have a happy and save Halloween!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Special Halloween Discount Coupon

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been posting images of some of our creepiest critters on facebook. After playing all those tricks on you, finally, here’s a Halloween treat.

Enjoy $3 off up to four tickets for admission to the Aquarium.

Special Scavenger Hunt!
Visit any day through Halloween weekend and go on an exciting scavenger hunt with clues that will guide you through the Aquarium in search of the oceans' creepiest and most fascinating critters.

When you track them all down, show your completed scavenger hunt at the Information Desk to get a limited edition penguin bookmark!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Right Whales in the News!

Aquarium researchers have been toiling for more than 30 years studying the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale. Our blog followers know the right whale team has gone to great lengths advocating for protection for these vulnerable behemoths through changes in shipping regulations and investigating entanglements in fishing gear.

Right whale sponsorships (great holiday gift, just sayin), in part, help support this critical research.

Now more people know about the plight of these marine mammals—and the efforts of our passionate researchers—thanks to a recent cover story in The Christian Science Monitor weekly magazine.

Click here for this terrific long read.

And after you've read all about the amazing work of our team in the field and cyberspace and beyond, you can support their efforts by sponsoring a right whale! To sponsor a right whale, choose one of the six whales and the level of your sponsorship on the online sponsorship form. Anyone—children, parents, community organizations, school classes or clubs—can sponsor a whale. Thank you for your support!

Piper is one of the whales you can sponsor through this program. She's a mom.

Monday, October 20, 2014

In the News: Aquarium's President On Ocean Protection

The New England Aquarium's President and CEO Nigella Hillgarth published an opinion piece in Saturday's Boston Globe about bi-partisan efforts to protect huge swaths of ocean habitat. These exciting designations brings to mind the Aquarium's efforts to protect pristine reefs in Kiribati's Phoenix Islands.

Read the full article in The Boston Globe here. Here's an excerpt:
President Obama’s recent designation of marine protection to vast, new areas of the central Pacific Ocean builds directly off of prior national monument designations of his predecessor, George W. Bush. This rare, bipartisan support for such conservation policies in acrimonious political times reflects the building momentum to protect large expanses of ocean across the globe. Surprisingly, the recent decade-long burst of designating large marine-protected areas around the world has some of its principal roots in Boston.

Learn more about the Aquarium's conservation efforts in the Phoenix Islands:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New England Aquarium and Boston Duck Tours Instagram Ticket Contest

We're giving your family a chance to win free tickets to cruise through Boston on a world-famous Boston Duck Tour and explore the New England Aquarium. It's a great trip waiting to happen, because Duck Tours depart from the Aquarium daily … and you could be on board.

So whip out your smartphones, open Instagram and start posting pics of ducks and Duck Tours for your chance to win combo tickets to go on a Boston Duck Tour and visit the Aquarium!

How to Enter
  • Step 1: Find a Boston Duck Tour vehicle or a duck (think: quack! quack!).
  • Step 2: Take a great Instagram picture.
  • Step 3: Post it with the hashtag: #DucksLovePenguins and be sure to tag @newenglandaquarium and @bostonducktours
  • Step 4: Repeat for more chances to win!

Contest Details
Starts: Now!
Ends: Wednesday, 10/22
Prize: A family four-pack of combo tickets to take a Boston Duck Tour and visit the New England Aquarium. Two (2) family four-packs will be awarded over the week of the contest.
Stay Connected
Follow @newenglandaquarium and @bostonducktours on Instagram for more updates and to see entries being reposted.

This is your chance to see Boston by land and water, and visit your favorite penguins, sharks, sea turtles and sea lions without paying a dime. We'll be watching Instagram for winners. The ball's in your court now, you lucky ducks!