Monday, December 21, 2009

Hopping in for the Holidays

The Aquarium is preparing a very special gift for visitors this holiday season - six rockhopper penguins! The group road tripped it to Boston from their former home at Sea World in Orlando last month. They are now undergoing a routine quarantine period behind the scenes. After healthy check-ups, the group of six females are making their formal debut December 22. Visitors are invited to watch as they hop into their new home at the Aquarium's penguin exhibit.

The celebration continues the following week with the first ice sculpture of First Night, Boston's new year celebration. Six larger-than-life rockhoppers will greet visitors on the Aquarium's plaza. Come visit the newest members of the penguin colony (both icy and feathered) during December school vacation week!


The Turtles Have Arrived

Dozens of cold-stunned sea turtles now are convalescing at the New England Aquarium, and they keep coming.

Visitors to the Aquarium get front-row seats to watch their recovery. Come to the Aquarium to see these rare animals get expert care and attention at the Animal Medical Center. Keep tabs on the Marine Animal Rescue Team blog for the latest head counts and to meet some of these rare animals.

Get in on the action with the Proud Parents Animal Sponsorship Program. Through your generous donation, you can help the Aquarium care for endangered green sea turtles and Kemp's ridley sea turtles.


Join These People and Live Blue for a Better Planet!

Sebastian Junger, renowned author and journalist
Brian Skerry, New England Aquarium Explorer in residence
Wallace J. Nichols, a leader in ocean protection efforts

These are just a few of the people sharing their live blue profiles at the Aquarium’s new interactive online program, Learn why these individuals care about the environment and what they do to live blue.

Sign up at to share your own reasons for living blue. The website lets you claim a plot of ocean to protect. You also can visit a new computer kiosk at the Aquarium to help protect coral fishes, right whales, Hector's dolphins, sea turtles, penguins and more.


Spotlight on Research

'Tis the season for the annual migration of right whales to warmer waters off Florida and Georgia for the calving season. Where the whales go you can be sure our right whale researchers are dashing all the way after them!

CAPTION: This is the first right whale spotted by the Aerial Survey Team members during their flights over the Florida and Georgia coast this season. Click through to their blog entry for a larger image and to read more.

Researchers keep watch for the right whales from their Cessna Skymaster twin engine plane. This is all a part of the
Southeast Early Warning Survey. The EWS consists of survey teams from Wildlife Trust, Florida Conservation Commission and of course the New England Aquarium. Each of the groups observes a certain area off the coast of the southeastern United States. By photographing and reporting sightings of the endangered whales to warn ships, we hope to help reduce the risk of ship strikes.

CAPTION: The team stands beside a Cessna aircraft in which they will spend long hours scanning the waters for right whales.

For more information, to learn more about our team and see the latest pictures, visit the Aquarium's Right Whale Aerial Survey Blog

CAPTION: The team's mascot for the season, Louie, belongs to one of the pilots.

This year our right whale researchers attended the first annual Right Whale Festival in Jacksonville, Fla. to kick off this year's calving season. This event was such a tremendous success we hope to make this an annual event!

- by Amanda Thompson


Here's to 40 More Great Years!

We're celebrating our 40th anniversary! The New England Aquarium opened its doors in 1969. Since then, our vision has been to redefine what it means to be an aquarium by combining education, entertainment and action to address the most challenging problems facing the ocean. Our awe-inspiring animals and exhibits are the lens through which our 1.3 million annual visitors can view the fragile beauty and wonder of the oceans. We are committed to engaging and educating our visitors, inspiring them to make a positive and lasting impact for ocean conservation. Please help ensure another 40 great years by making a celebratory donation of $40 right now. Thank you in advance for your generous support and for seeing us into our next 40 years.


Now playing at the Simons IMAX Theatre

The beloved holiday classic written by Charles Dickens and starring Jim Carrey follows Ebenezer Scrooge as he finds the new meaning of holiday spirit. Moviegoers can travel through time, reach for falling snowflakes and feel the rumble of the horse-drawn carriages over the cobblestone streets through the digitally re-mastered IMAX 3D experience. This film is rated PG for scary sequences and images. Buy your tickets in advance!


The Perfect Gift: Aquarium Gift Certificates

This holiday season you can find all sorts of pretty and practical gifts for the eco-friendly people on your list at the Aquarium Gift Shop. Aquarium gift certificates are available for purchase in the gift shop and online. Plus, get a jump on your holiday shopping with this list of blue planet gift ideas.

Holiday Gifts

Penguins make great holiday presents! For the penguin fan in your life, take home On the Wings of Penguins, a documentary prominently featuring Aquarium staff and animals that is packaged in a box set with March of the Penguins.

Check out the Aquarium's Gift Shop for this DVD plus a wide selection of additional thoughtful gifts. You will find plenty of goodies for the eco-friendly people on your list including:

- Jeff Corwin's new book, 100 Heartbeats: The race to Save Earth's Most Endangered Species

- Live Blue T-shirt featuring the slogan "I'm protecting our blue planet"

- BPA-free plastic Live Blue water cup

- A navy blue stainless steel Live Blue water bottle

Visit the Aquarium Gift Shop to find these and many other holiday gifts.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Behind-The-Scenes Videos

Do not miss these amazing videos that recently appeared on the Aquarium's blogs.

Rescued sea turtle getting fluids

Myrtle the turtle kicks off the holiday season with a feast

Baranov, a Northern fur seal, making a racket