Monday, December 21, 2009

Spotlight on Research

'Tis the season for the annual migration of right whales to warmer waters off Florida and Georgia for the calving season. Where the whales go you can be sure our right whale researchers are dashing all the way after them!

CAPTION: This is the first right whale spotted by the Aerial Survey Team members during their flights over the Florida and Georgia coast this season. Click through to their blog entry for a larger image and to read more.

Researchers keep watch for the right whales from their Cessna Skymaster twin engine plane. This is all a part of the
Southeast Early Warning Survey. The EWS consists of survey teams from Wildlife Trust, Florida Conservation Commission and of course the New England Aquarium. Each of the groups observes a certain area off the coast of the southeastern United States. By photographing and reporting sightings of the endangered whales to warn ships, we hope to help reduce the risk of ship strikes.

CAPTION: The team stands beside a Cessna aircraft in which they will spend long hours scanning the waters for right whales.

For more information, to learn more about our team and see the latest pictures, visit the Aquarium's Right Whale Aerial Survey Blog

CAPTION: The team's mascot for the season, Louie, belongs to one of the pilots.

This year our right whale researchers attended the first annual Right Whale Festival in Jacksonville, Fla. to kick off this year's calving season. This event was such a tremendous success we hope to make this an annual event!

- by Amanda Thompson


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