Tuesday, January 25, 2011

'Inception' garners eight Academy Award® nominations!

Challenge your perception of dreams and reality with Inception: The IMAX Experience. Word came today that this giant-screen thriller has been nominated for eight Academy Awards®, including best picture! Find out why at the Aquarium's Simons IMAX Theatre.

Here's a taste of what awaits you on the largest screen in New England.

Got your attention now? Here are eight other reasons to see this eye-popping special effects gem: In addition to best picture, Inception has been nominated for excellence in art direction, cinematography, visual effects, original screenplay, music and sound editing and mixing.

At the Simons IMAX Theatre, you can put yourself in this critically acclaimed film to delve into a labyrinth of intrigue with Inception: The IMAX Experience. Be blown away by crystal clear images of massive dreamscapes and surreal action sequences, and hear every powerful musical note and cry with IMAX's massive sound system. Dream big with the acclaimed director of The Dark Knight before the Oscars on February 27! This film is rated PG-13. Click for tickets and showtimes.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Through our visitors' eyes

A day at the Aquarium is rarely complete without snapping a couple pictures. Some visitors even take the time to share those pictures with the Aquarium community online—what a treat! Whether it's through twitter, facebook or tumblr, we love to see how visitors of all ages interact with our animals or get lost gazing at one of the exhibits.

Here's a little feast for your eyes, a sampling of what Aquarium visitors are sharing online!

Michelle Jones Brown with Myrtle at the Giant Ocean Tank circa 1973!
via facebook (My, how they grow up... even Myrtle has her own facebook page now!)

@rlaperlemusic calls this picture "Swimming Solo." 
Instagram via twitter

This image of a ray was titled "I love the New England Aquarium" by @BeccaMansfield.
twipic via twitter

Julie Scillieri Blake posted these happy faces after a recent Dive In! event for members.
via facebook

Douglas Blois shared this picture of some inquisitive fingers at the Edge of the Sea exhibit.
via facebook

We can all see the octopus in action thanks to James Fiorentino.
via facebook

Keith Michael Temple and family definitely enjoyed the First Night ice penguins.
via facebook

Do you have anything to share? We'd love to see it! Find us on facebook and tag away, or send a link to @NEAQ on twitter!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

PIPA In the News

Did you hear Aquarium researcher Randi Rotjan on NPR yesterday? She spoke to Robin Young on the radio program Here and Now about that incredible swath of Pacific Ocean known as the Phoenix Island Protected Area, or PIPA. Learn about PIPA's beginnings and how this special marine preserve is providing scientists a natural laboratory to study global ocean changes.

Listen to Randi's interview.

In the interview, Randi mentions her travels to the Phoenix Islands. Read about her experiences on the PIPA Blog!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

There's more to right whale reproduction

Despite the right whale's protection from hunting since 1935 and continued efforts to decrease mortality due to ship strikes and fishing gear entanglements, the population remains in danger. In response, right whale researchers at the New England Aquarium are doubling their efforts to understand the causes and possible solutions to the right whale's decreasing reproductive success.

Photo credit: Kara Mahoney Robinson / New England Aquarium

Recently, researchers published their findings in two articles in the scientific journal Marine Mammal Science. One of the publications looked at the time just before birth through the first year of life to estimate perinatal (time just before or immediately after birth) and calf losses. They discovered that mortality for this time period may be underestimated by nearly 20 percent!

The other paper showed an increase in mother/calf association times. An increasing number of these pairs are returning to the southeast birthing ground a year after birth. The reasons are unknown and could have implications for right whale social behavior and reproductive rates.

Stay up on the latest right whale research with the Right Whale Blog. For example, this winter you can follow scientists out to the Jordan Basin off Maine's chilly coastline in search of the right whale mating grounds! A joint international research team is braving cold, wintry weather and shorter days to collect photographs of right whales for individual identification, scarring and health assessment as well as skin biopsy samples for ongoing genetics studies, and fecal samples for studies on reproductive hormones.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

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