Thursday, March 27, 2014

The story of a photo spread

Last fall, our goosefish wowed us once again with a stunning egg veil. So educator Jo Blasi grabbed her camera and snapped a few beautiful images. Those pictures made it up on the blog right away—we couldn't keep all that beauty for ourselves! National Geographic magazine saw those photos and expressed an interest in getting their own photographs of the egg veil while it was in the exhibit.

The egg veil oozes about the exhibit | Photo: Webb Chappell

Enter: talented local photographer Webb Chappell. Here's his account of the photo shoot as it appeared on his Tumblr page:
last minute call from National Geographic in late September to shoot the fleeting egg veil of a monkfish at the New England Aquarium… tripod strapped to my bike, I road to the harbor along the Charles… beautiful day, nice to pay a visit to the place that brought me to Boston back when (once upon a time Webb was a diver in the Giant Ocean Tank)  
Fast forward to today and you'll find our lovely goosefish (a.k.a. monkfish) gracing the pages of the April issue of National Geographic!  We're thrilled to be able to share the beauty of this natural phenomenon with the readers of National Geographic.

Meta: Webb Chappell photo of his National Geographic photo

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Webb Chappell also helped photograph the Giant Ocean Tank's return to splendor after last year's renovations. Look for some of those pictures here and here.

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