Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Video: Kit's debut in the main exhibit

As we shared in yesterday's post, Kitovi had her first foray into the main exhibit at the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center. For such a curious and independent young thing, she definitely needed a lot of encouragement to spend time in the main exhibit. But eventually, she took the plunge!

Take a look.

After such an exciting afternoon, Kit returned behind the scenes with her mum Ursula for the rest of the evening. The pair still needs some quiet time together for nursing and bonding. But visitors will be able to see Kitovi on exhibit more and more in the coming weeks.

Kitovi spent a wide-eyed afternoon getting a feel for the main exhibit. But she had access to the familiar pool behind the scenes, where she feels comfortable. 

See pictures of the "outrageously cute seal" by The Boston Globe.

Better yet, come see this 16-pound fur seal! Tickets are available online—and you can print at home! You can also keep tabs on Kitovi and the other marine mammals at the Aquarium on the Trainers Blog!

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  1. How sweet and adorable . Pictures like that go straight to my heart . Thank you !


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