Monday, September 16, 2013

Kitovi tests the waters

6-Week-Old Kitovi (Kit) to Introduced into the Marine Mammal Center

Kit, a 6-week old baby Northern fur seal, whose behind-the-scenes photos and video have made it around the world a couple of times, made her first foray on to public exhibit today in the Aquarium’s New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center. While in the exhibit, the fairly independent Kit remained under the protective maternal eye of Ursula. Still, Kit seemed to prefer the familiarity of her behind-the-scenes pool.

A wide-eyed Kit steps out onto the exhibit's deck. But each foray like this did not last long. She would soon turn back to slide down the ramp into her familiar behind-the-scenes enclosure.

Ursula, her mom, seemed eager to introduce the little one to the exhibit. But Kit frequently turned back, preferring to play behind the scenes with another young fur seal named Leu. Kit's big brother Flaherty was on exhibit along with her dad, Isaac, grandmother, Roxie and another fur seal named Cordova. The rambunctious sea lions stayed behind the scenes during the introduction.

Tiny Kit shuffles along the deck during one of her exploratory jaunts into the exhibit today.

The New England Aquarium has the largest collection of Northern fur seals in North America. Related to sea lions, Northern fur seals are native to the north Pacific, particularly Alaska. Northern fur seals are protected, but their population has been in decline recently.

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