Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Volunteer of the Month: July

Every month our Volunteer Office sorts through piles of nominations from supervisors and honors one of our volunteers for their truly stupendous efforts. Meet our Volunteer of the Month!

July’s Volunteer of the Month comes as no surprise. This individual has been a stalwart volunteer ever since his start back in November of last year. With over 300 hours served, it is our pleasure to announce that Will Ye has been awarded as Volunteer of the Month.

Congratulations, and big thanks, to Will Ye! 

Please read below for his nomination from Aquarist Bill Murphy:
I would like to nominate Will Ye for volunteer of the month. Will has been an outstanding vol and without a doubt it makes my day knowing that I have him working with me on Wednesdays. Right from the start Will was prompt, attentive and extremely motivated that once I showed him what it is I wanted him to do, he completed it and continued to do it without me telling him and just blew my expectations right out of the water.   
Will’s personality is outstanding and has made working with him all the more enjoyable. I cannot say it enough about how good it is to have Will volunteering with me because it allows me to focus on other projects and know that that my gallery is in good hands! He deserves this award and has deserved it for some time, I’ve just been the one slacking on my duties to nominate him.

Clearly, a very deserving individual! Volunteer of the Month is high praise as we have nearly 1000 active service members each year. If you are interested in joining this vibrant community, consider reading through a list of positions and applying here!

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