Monday, December 31, 2012

January Construction Updates

It's that time again: Time to go behind the scenes and check on construction of the Giant Ocean Tank! Since last time we ducked behind the scaffolding, crews have finished cutting the larger window frames and they've made great progress completing the concrete upgrades throughout the tank.  

Here's a look at some scenes of construction:

The floor of the annex is poured! Additional exhibit tanks featuring smaller fishes
like garden eels will be found in this area come summer. 

The new annex will be accessed from the top of the Giant Ocean Tank

The hoist used to haul large animals out of the tank—like Myrtle—has been equipped with a new motor.
(Check out the new, shiny white motor in the middle right of the image!)

A worker mixes concrete perched atop scaffolding in the Giant Ocean Tank. 

A pulley silhouetted against the scaffolding

So the next time you visit, take a moment to think: All this action is happening just around the corner as you're peering into the octopus exhibit or watching the tropical fish darting through the Pacific Reef Community! Just remember the Aquarium is opening at 10 a.m. on weekdays this January because of construction. 


  1. Could you let me know when the construction is going to be completed? I will be in Boston the last week of March and was hoping to visit, but a lot of online reviews recommend that I wait 'til the construction is done.


  2. Thats is quite a big Tank..imagine that being in your living room!


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