Friday, December 28, 2012

Frosty Fur Seals in the Making

The chilly, dry weather arrived just in time for visitors to see some cool creativity on Central Wharf today. Sculptors were on hand to chisel a family of fur seals from blocks of ice—the New England Aquarium's contribution to First Night festivities in Boston.

Many families paused to catch a glimpse of the creative process on their way inside to meet the actual fur seals. The sculpture represents resident Northern fur seals: Flaherty, a pup born here at the Aquarium in July, and his parents Isaac and Ursula. They are three of the six fur seals that call the Aquarium's New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center home, along with a pair of frisky sea lions.

Work in progress: The Aquarium's First Night fur seal ice sculpture taking shape


The family of fur seals was created by Don Chapelle, who has been one of the First Night ice sculptors for many years. Meet his frosty sea lions and penguins from previous years.

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  1. Good sculpture. I like the way it looked as if it really had fur. Do they have something below it to keep it from not melting?


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