Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Climate Change Op-Ed from Aquarium President

Climate change is happening all around us, and there's little doubt that oceans are feeling the heat. With the officially recognized World Oceans Day coming up on Friday, Aquarium president Bud Ris (left) recently weighed in on this pressing global issue in an op-ed piece published online today by the Boston Globe.

From the polar regions to the tropics to the familiar shores of Boston Harbor, global climate change is just that — global. There are steps we can take to slow climate change but "at a minimun," Ris writes, "we all have a responsibility to get educated."

Here is an excerpt from his essay:
As we celebrate World Oceans Day on Friday, it’s worth pausing to reflect on the current state of our oceans and the biggest challenge they face: climate change. This is no longer a problem for the future; climate change is already underway. 
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As Ris explains, climate change and its impact on marine life is a major part of the story we tell along our exhibit path. So come visit sometime and learn how global climate change is effecting Northern fur seals and African penguins. Dig deeper and explore our climate changes resources online, including its effect on ocean animals. Lastly, find out what you can do to live blue for the planet.

Have a happy World Oceans Day.

Coral reef in Fiji.

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