Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tough Mudder: A Training Montage of Aquarium Supporters

This is the third in a series of bi-weekly posts from a team of Aquarium staff and supporters who are participating in an extreme obstacle course event called the Tough Mudder this spring. They will be posting about their training methods, animals that inspire them to work hard and they will be raising funds to support the Aquarium. You can help them out by donating to support their efforts.

This post is from Aquarium Dive Safety officer John Hanzl, pictured here at work in the Giant Ocean Tank. (Check out his first post here.)

Some Tiburon teammates squeezed in an extra workout in the Giant Ocean Tank.

Well, Team Tiburon has been had at it for over three months now, and the main event is only a month away. Both individually and as a team we’ve struggled, strained, gritted and sweated our way through countless workouts. I don’t think a single one of us has come through unscathed, but regardless of the collective aches, pains and more, we’ve all put our heart and soul into this team. And a team we have become.

A team workout near the Aquarium

So with the Mudder looming less than a month away, I thought it might be a good time to share with you a little of what we’ve been doing all this time.

I wanted to thank Tina Mallios at Koukla salon and both Thomas and Frosty of Hordon Health for helping grab some of the images that I hope have brought you a little into Team Tiburon’s world.

– Elasmo

Stay tuned, there will be several more posts from Team Tiburon as they prepare for this event. Please contribute to their fundraising efforts for the New England Aquarium and share this post to spread the word. Catch up on their previous post here.

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