Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love is in the water!

There's plenty of romance throughout the Aquarium, whether you're watching gold-rimmed tangs spinning during a choreographed dance in the Sea of Cortez exhibit or penguins pairing off in the penguin exhibit. (Even the Boston Globe took note of these penguin romances! Check out their fantastic video of avian amour here at the Aquarium.)

In the penguin exhibit, many of our African penguins have bonded with that special someone and you can see them wing to wing in their favorite hangouts. This summer during breeding season, many of those pairs even took off for a romantic getaway!

Now the seals definitely have a sweet side. Ursula has been practicing her pucker during her training sessions. Those fur seals have even been known to plant a smooch on the cheek (or forehead) of a teen intern now and then. And how about this for a kissy face—Amelia getting ready for her birthday kiss!

Myrtle the green sea turtle in the Giant Ocean Tank is getting in touch with her romantic side (with the help of our marine animal trainers) with some hand-holding exercises. Several years ago, a pair of porcupinefish in the GOT also showed their affection in this classic Valentine's blog post.

Start planning your double date with the Aquarium's cutest couples today! Surf over to check the hours, look into public transportation (the Aquarium has its own stop on the Blue Line!) or investigate nearby parking options. Be sure to bring your camera, we welcome our facebook fans to share pictures of their visit! And save time for a flick with your honey at the Simons IMAX Theatre. Cap off your outing with the animals with a classic movie date. Happy Valentine's Day!

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