Monday, February 28, 2011

Aquarium Lecture: "Stalking the Flats in the Name of Science" with Karen Murchie, Ph.D.

Tonight (Monday, February 28) Dr. Karen Murchie shared her insight on bonefish. The video of the lecture will be available online soon.

Bonefish are a group of fishes that inhabit tropical and subtropical marine waters worldwide. Large gaps in our understanding of the biology of these fishes exist despite their economic importance as a sport fish and their potential role in the ecological functioning of coastal systems. Recent data collected on bonefish in Eleuthera, the Bahamas, revealed previously unknown information on bonefish movement patterns, temperature tolerances, energetics and reproductive behavior. Join Karen Murchie in learning about her doctoral research as well as the collective efforts of the Flats Ecology and Conservation Program.

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The Aquarium has been providing free lectures and films by scientists, environmental writers, photographers and others since 1972. The Aquarium Lecture Series is presented free to the public through the generosity of the Lowell Institute, which has been providing funding for free public lectures at universities and museums since 1836. 

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