Friday, December 3, 2010

First class flight to Baltimore for some rescued sea turtles

Yesterday, five of the dozens of rescued sea turtles that are being treated at the Aquarium's new Animal Care Center in Quincy took a big step in their rehabilitation. So far it has been an extremely busy sea turtle rescue season. The large numbers of animals coming to the Aquarium for care has been covered recently by The Boston Globe and WCVB (includes a news video).

Some of the sea turtles being cared for at the Aquarium's Animal Care Center in Quincy. (Photo: Meg Rabinowitz)

The animals were stable enough to be transported to the National Aquarium in Baltimore to continue their treatment. The sea turtles caught a ride to Norwood Memorial Airport in the Marine Animal Rescue Team van, then were placed on a Civil Air Patrol flight operated by volunteer pilots for the trip to Baltimore.

The Marine Animal Rescue Team van, with five turtles on board, arrives at the plane. (Photo: Meg Rabinowitz)

Connie Merigo, director of the Aquarium's Rescue and Rehab program, unloading snuggly boxed up turtles from the van. (Photo: Meg Rabinowitz)

Katy Roberts, taking a break from her usual Aquarium job as a grant writer, lends a hand. (Photo: Meg Rabinowitz)

Connie confers with one of the pilots after the turtles are loaded onto the plane. (Photo: Meg Rabinowitz)

And off they go. (Photo: Meg Rabinowitz)

You can keep up with all of the rescue team's efforts and interact with the rescuers on the Marine Animal Rescue Team Blog.

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