Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cownose rays move one step closer to Aquarium

A fever of cownose rays is comfortably swimming around their new home at the Aquarium's Animal Care Center. [The Marine Animal Rescue team also uses this facility to care for stranded sea turtles. Learn more on the Rescue Blog!] That's after Aquarium biologists successfully transported the rays from an offsite facility in Duxbury to the new large holding facility in Quincy. And the Patriot Ledger was there!

Cownose rays circling around their new tank at the Aquarium's Animal Care Center in Quincy.

Check out the Patriot Ledger article for more information and to see some of their pictures from the recent event. You can also go behind the scenes with this fantastic video!

Aquarium blog followers may remember that some of our aquarists and educators traveled south to Delaware to gather the rays earlier this fall. [Visit the Global Explorers blog for more on this successful expedition!] The rays are destined for a new exhibit coming in April—the largest shark and ray touch tank on the East Coast!  

Aquarium members will be given early opportunities to preview the new exhibit. Become a member today and be among the first people invited to touch the sharks and rays!

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