Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Superlatives: See Who's Most Popular

Who doesn't love a solid best-of list? Our list includes some of the most popular posts on our blogs and social platforms. Turns out our followers are big fans of ocean animals, too.

Facebook Posts (farthest reach)
So incredibly flamboyant! Watch the video on Facebook
  • Earlier this year we launched a gigantic new IMAX film featuring some of the planet's most gigantic animals. Of course the post had to be gigantic! Our post announcing Humpback Whales 3D turned out to be the year's most popular.
  • Another video post followed closely behind, not surprisingly, because flamboyant cuttlefish are entirely hypnotizing! The clip reached nearly a quarter million people.

Instagram Love (most likes)
Our most popular post on Instagram
UPDATE: As of this week, we have a new most-popular post on Instagram! Must have been the sharks in this picture.
Most Popular Blogs (most pageviews)
2015's most popular blog: A tragically entangled Snowball
  • This year's most popular blog by far brought to light the threats facing North Atlantic right whales today. A tragic end to a favorite whale shares the story of a well-known right whale named Snowball who likely died, after being last seen with a severe entanglement in fishing line.
  • Commander in command introduces the newest fur seal to our colony: Commander! He arrived earlier this year after a cross-country trek via FedEx. 
  • In August we celebrated Wharf Festival with our whale watch partners at Boston Harbor Cruises. It was a popular event and so, of course, the blog detailing the activities and contest involved was incredibly popular, too.

Super Tweets (most impressions)
Because your Twitter followers need to know
about penguins knees
  • The ever-popular fun fact about penguin knees returns as our most popular tweet of 2015: And here's your ultimate #funfact in honor of #PenguinAwarenessDay: Yes, #penguins have knees .
  • An arresting picture from our whale watch was another popular tweet in our twittersphere: Wait, who is watching who on this #whalewatch?

YouTube Winners (most views)
Rare whale caught on camera!
  • Myrtle the green sea turtle, our most famous resident, lent her star power to the Aquarium's summer ad campaign with a series of TV commercials where she plays Agent Myrtle. This one was the most watched.

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