Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Petition to Protect the Aquarium and Boston's Waterfront!

Sign the petition to voice your support for responsible development of Boston's Waterfront!

As you may know, the City of Boston is currently planning the development of the Downtown Boston Waterfront, specifically at the Harbor Garage site adjacent to the Aquarium. Having been on the Waterfront for 45 years, the Aquarium is heavily invested in the planning of the area and concerned about any impacts increased development might have on our beloved institution.

The Aquarium supports development that enhances our waterfront as a destination with safe and affordable access and where visitors and residents can enjoy open spaces and walk along the water. And we need your help to make sure that future development is moving us forwards.

We have been working diligently to make sure that our position about waterfront planning is heard, and feel that now is the time to amplify our message.

Can we count on you to join our voices by signing this petition to stand with the Aquarium and support responsible Waterfront development?

Sign the petition and share with your friends.


  1. The Harbor garage has been an eyesore since it was built. The height of the towers will make no difference to the NEAq. The building will cast a shadow no matter how high it goes and after a certain height it just doesn't matter. Residents create lively spaces 24/7. Just make sure they understand they are living in the middle of a wonderful educational facility that includes lots of yellow school buses every.single.day.

  2. Protect the NE Aquarium and Boston's waterfront


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