Friday, July 31, 2015

Volunteer of the Month: July 2015

Every month our Volunteer department sorts through piles of nominations from supervisors and honors one of our volunteers for their truly stupendous efforts. Meet this month's volunteer!

We trust and depend on our volunteers to properly handle the sometimes hectic situations that can arise when working at an Aquarium. Christina Minniti is no exception to this, and has proven time and time again why she is so valuable to the team. We are excited to name Christina as our July Volunteer of the Month!

Here’s what her supervisor, Brianne Dent, has to say about Christina:
Christina has been an incredibly valuable contribution to my Saturday team, and last week was no exception! When an emergency happened first thing in the morning, she was quick to notice something was wrong and jumped in to help wherever was needed. I was able to ask her to go into another gallery, and with minimal direction she was able to complete multiple tasks while I dealt with larger issues. 
She never misses a beat when it comes to making sure things get done and holds herself to the same high standard that I hold myself to. She has a keen eye for detail and pays very close attention to every animal that she helps care for.  She will even notice issues with animals before I have a chance to mention them to her! She is a quick learner and is always on top of making sure everything in the gallery looks its best by the end of the day. She has a great attitude and no matter the task I ask her to do, she completes it with ease.

Her excitement to always learn more and passion for working with all the animals in the gallery has made working with her on Saturday such a pleasure.

Thank you, Christina!

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