Thursday, June 25, 2015

Adorable Penguin Chick Pictures!

Make sure you're sitting down for this one.

Our penguin biologists successfully hatched six penguin chicks of three different species this spring. Today, a trio of gawky, endangered African penguin chicks made their media debut today behind-the-scenes at the New England Aquarium.

A trio of African penguin chicks

Hatched in mid-May, weighing just over 2 ounces, these three still-downy but decidedly awkward, adolescent chicks now weigh about four pounds each. They have increased their birth weight by 30 times in six weeks.

Still cute and fluffy, but approaching that teenage awkward period

Last week, these ever demanding chicks were separated from their parents so that they can learn to take food from the penguin biologists. Over the next month, the three will live together behind the scenes, hanging out and bonding as their fluffy down gets pushed out by waterproof feathers that are growing in. They will make their exhibit debut in late July or early August.

The chicks wait in a holding pen to be fed

This spring, the talented and dedicated Aquarium penguin staff has successfully hatched six penguin chicks of three different species including a little blue penguin native to Australia and a rockhopper penguin, which can be found in southern South America.

While these little fluffs will remain behind the scenes for another month or so, you can visit full-grown penguins—three species!—in their 150,000-gallon exhibit here at the Aquarium. Start your visit online.

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