Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Countdown

Our blue planet is chock full of amazing animals—from vibrant mandarinfish to lithe fur seals to stingrays. But during this time of year we like to focus on the mysterious, frightening and downright creepy animals (all 100-percent amazing, of course) that you'll find at the Aquarium. 

Followers on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, TumblrGoogle + and Instagram) in 2014 were treated to some pictures of the creepiest of the creepy in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Here's a round-up of those impressive animals, all in one place. Some were chosen for their looks, some for their fierce reputation, some just scream Halloween. Scroll and enjoy!

Goosefish, with a snaggletooth maw that can engulf prey whole

Chambered nautilus, hovers through dark waters with enormous eyes and
a tangle of tentacles 

Green anaconda, 13 feet of slithering strength and beauty. 'Nuf said. 

Lionfish, an absolutely frightening invader of Caribbean reefs with a mane of venomous
fins and no fear

Ocillated frogfish, pretends to be coral all day long and then you realize it's a fish

Green moray eel, with mucus-covered skin in just the right shade of witch and a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth

Comb jellies. Or brainless, blobby alien ghosts.

The Halloween lobster lives! Nicknamed Pinchy, this American lobster arrived around Halloween several years ago
with a genetic mutation that makes every day Halloween 

Plan a visit to see these weird and wonderful animals at the Aquarium! Buy your tickets online today—no service charge. Have a happy and save Halloween!

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