Thursday, August 28, 2014

Orange Lobster Debuts at the Aquarium

You may have heard news recently about a colorful lobster that was just donated to an aquarium in Maine. We have another bright and beautiful lobster to introduce! 

Ready for her close-up

This orange lobster was recently caught off the tip of Cape Cod. She joined resident lobsters sporting other surprising colors. They include a cobalt blue lobster, the Aquarium’s famous Halloween lobster, which is orange on one side and black on the other, and as well as several regular colored lobsters. 

A trio of colorful Aquarium lobsters

Not your average lobster tails 

Billy and Cheryl Souza of North Truro, Mass., found the 1 ½ pound lobster earlier in August in one of their traps, but they put it back in the water in a secure trap for a few days so that a clutch of eggs on her abdomen would disperse. Billy, who is a third generation lobsterman, chuckled that he hopes that there are many more orange lobsters locally in about seven years when those eggs would normally mature into market size lobsters. 

The beautiful blue lobster already living at the Aquarium

The Souzas have caught blue and very large lobsters before, but this was their first orange one. Orange lobsters have been estimated to have an incidence of about 1 in 30 million in the wild. See the new lobster with her colorful neighbors here:

Come see the lobsters in the Northern Water's gallery this weekend. That's where we keep the big guys. Watch them crawl and scrabble around their regular exhibit. And if you want to see cute, check out the juveniles in the Blue Planet Action Center.  Plan a visit to the Aquarium.

Curious about lobsters? 

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