Monday, November 4, 2013

Red Sox Shortstop Stephen Drew High-Fives

Reggae, an Atlantic harbor seal at the New England Aquarium, knows how to celebrate a World Series win. Just look, he gives a fantastic high five!

Reggae congratulates Stephen Drew on the World Series win!

2013 Red Sox shortstop Stephen Drew and his family stopped by the Aquarium Monday afternoon to get a high-five from Reggae, a male harbor seal. Drew and his family had been regulars at the Aquarium much of this past summer, and they stopped by one last time before they head south for the winter.

Drew has surely been offered a thousand congratulatory handshakes of all types since last Thursday, but this one is one that neither he nor his family will soon forget. Reggae, a 210 pound, 20-year old, male harbor seal, is quite athletic and a bit of a show-off. He knows dozens of behaviors, but among his favorites is to vault straight out of the water several feet and enthusiastically slap the extended hand of the person standing on a rocky perch over the water. Top this for a congratulatory high five!

As you saw, Drew was the guest of honor Monday as his family and friends watched as Reggae’s front flipper smacked Drew’s throwing hand. His pre-school boys were delighted, but not yet ready to get a seal high-five themselves. Instead they waved to Reggae and other seals while getting close-up looks at the harbor seals inside the exhibit.

Side note: Reggae does not have just a casual Red Sox connection as the Red Sox Double A minor league team in Portland, Maine is named the Sea Dogs, which is an old Yankee term for harbor seals.

The Red Sox win was celebrated throughout the Aquarium. Isaac the fur seal showed his hometown pride after the Sox clinched the series. And the divers celebrated the big Red Sox win in their own way—underwater. Congratulations to the 2013 Boston Red Sox for winning the World Series—high five!

Visit the Aquarium and see the harbor seals, fur seals and scuba divers in the Giant Ocean Tank. Tickets are available online.


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