Thursday, December 5, 2013

Now Playing: Journey to the South Pacific 3D

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Come glide through shimmering schools of fish, swim alongside gentle whale sharks and soak in the warm sunlight of West Papua during your own Journey to the South Pacific 3D. This far-off island paradise is home to the most diverse marine habitat in the world.

Here, just watch the trailer. You'll see just a hint of the dazzling cavalcade of sea life—from tiny sea turtle hatchlings to giant manta rays—that will splash before your eyes.

Got that? OK, now imagine it all in incredible IMAX 3D on the biggest screen in New England. And while you’re soaring over vibrant reefs and learning about the beauty of this enchanting island culture, you’ll also discover the importance of living in balance with our blue planet.

Swim with schooling fish | Photo: from Journey to the South Pacific 3D

The turquoise waters of West Papua | Photo: from Journey to the South Pacific 3D

Experience the diversity and richness of the reefs in West Papua | Photo: Journey to the South Pacific 3D

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