Saturday, June 15, 2013

One Penguin's Father's Day Family Story

A little blue penguin father at the New England Aquarium has something to crow about: He is helping to raise his first chick! Come behind the scenes and meet this little blue penguin chick, in all his adorable fluff. Paul, one of the chick's caregivers, tell us a little more about the chick in this video. Watch Paul weigh the chick, check it over to make sure it's growing big and strong and meet the proud papa!


And since it's Father's Day this weekend, we figured we would tell you a little bit about this chick's dad. As Paul mentioned in the video, his name is Munuwar, which is an Aboriginal name for little blue penguin. He is three years old and he came to us from the Taronga Zoo in Australia this past June. His partner, Carnac, is from the Aquarium's colony. She is six. And their baby? Well, we don't know its sex yet but it is 100 percent adorable. Take a look!

But wait, there's more to learn about penguins!

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