Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Construction Updates

The New England Aquarium's transformation is taking place behind construction screens and below the water line. Learn more about the renovation project. Keep reading to meet some of the animals that will call the Giant Ocean Tank home this summer, and get an update on construction. Don't forget about our special construction prices available now during our transformation!

Blue chromis | Photo: Mark Rosenstein
The Giant Ocean Tank is going to reopen this summer with nearly 2,000 animals of all shapes and sizes—from the small and vibrant blue chromis to the unmistakable green sea turtle, Myrtle. Over the past several months, animal caregivers have been busy behind the scenes caring for many of these new arrivals. All the new and old fish will debut in the Giant Ocean Tank home this summer!

Balloonfish | Photo: Mark Rosenstein
Recently Aquarium scuba divers travelled to the Bahamas to collect some of these newcomers for the new exhibit. Join the divers on this year's collecting expeditions through the Divers Blog! The Aquarium works closely with the Bahamas Ministry of Fisheries on these collecting trips. A Bahamian official comes on board during the trip to monitor the capture techniques and examines our the animals we are bringing to the exhibit. The Aquarium would never take anything from the wild that is endangered or threatened, nor any animal without its bonded pair. This is one way that we can share the splendor of a pristine Caribbean reef and our blue planet with people who might never be able to visit. Learn more about the expeditions and conservation work here.

A worker puts a coat of paint on a fiberglass coral in the Giant Ocean Tank | Photo: L. Flanagan

Meanwhile workers are furiously putting the finishing touches on the coral reef structure in the Giant Ocean Tank. The coral produced by Peter Brady and his team is now adorning the hulking replica reef. Dramatic staghorn corals and lettuce corals will provide great nooks and crannies for all those smaller fish to hide.

Peter Brady stands on scaffolding in the Giant Ocean Tank.

Next on the docket: water! In the coming weeks divers and construction crews will fill the tank and make sure everything is ship-shape before the animals move in. We're hurtling toward our completion date for this massive project in July and we can't wait to show you the finished masterpiece. Until then, we are offering discounted construction pricing so you can see the thousands of animals that are still swimming right now—like Indo, the zebra shark! You won't have too many more opportunities to see the scuba divers feeding the fish and rays while laying down.

Divers in the Tropical Ocean Exhibit | Photo taken via Instagram


  1. Can't wait to see it this summer!!

  2. So exciting for the New England Aquarium. I can't wait to visit and see the big tank opened again all bright, shiny and new.

  3. I just got my year pass! Hope to see it soon!


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