Saturday, July 21, 2012

Five Reasons to Visit the Aquarium

There are literally thousands of reasons to visit the Aquarium. Here are just a few:

1. Meet the stars of our current advertising blitz—Zoe and Sierra. You might know them collectively as "Mischief." When you come by the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center, you're guaranteed to see them zipping through the water, romping with their toys or rough housing.

2. Our interactive and educational Trust Family Foundation Shark and Ray Touch Tank lets you feel some rays without getting a sunburn!

2. The Edge of the Sea hands-on tidepool area introduces folks—young and old—to the animals that live nearby where the ocean meets the land. Feel the nubbly skin of a sea star, watch a hermit crab scurry across your palm and ask as many questions you want.

4. Tropical fish like this flashy mandarinfish really lets the budding photographer and the prolific Instragramers add to their portfolios. Check out the Giant Ocean Tank and the Pacific Reef Community for a few of the opportunities to flex those photography skills.

5. And of course, there are the penguins! This noisy bunch can be counted on to greet you from their first floor exhibit with plenty of squawking, posturing, preening and showing off their swimming skills!

What are your favorite reasons to visit the Aquarium? Feel free to submit and share your pictures with us on tumblr, facebook and twitter at @NEAQ!

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