Monday, April 11, 2011

Aquarium Lecture Webcast: Carl Safina "In the Same Net: Biodiversity, ethics and the human spirit"

Tonight's lecture:
In the Same Net: Biodiversity, ethics and the human spirit
Carl Safina, PhD
7:00 p.m. - live webcast

Scientist and author Carl Safina, PhD gave a talk about how fisheries, coral reefs, forests, climate change, poverty and peace are all facets of the same issue. The talk was part autobiography, Dr. Safina told the story of his global journey from fisherman to scientist to the realization that the changing ocean reflects the challenges facing not just sea life but all of humankind.

Dr. Safina also discussed how scientific findings have ethical implications, how religion and science are converging toward common cause on environmental matters and how moral responses can add momentum toward solutions that are becoming increasingly crucial.

The Aquarium has been providing free lectures and films by scientists, environmental writers, photographers and others since 1972. The Aquarium Lecture Series is presented free to the public through the generosity of the Lowell Institute, which has been providing funding for free public lectures at universities and museums since 1836. Register for upcoming lectures here.

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