Sunday, September 26, 2010

See the Aquarium through visitors' eyes!

Visitors can enjoy some amazing moments at the New England Aquarium. We love it when they share those pictures with us on facebook! Here's a smattering of the fascinating, funny, elegant and amazing pictures that our visitors captured on camera.

The Giant Pacific Octopus exploring its tank.

by Anne Young

A sea jelly

A weedy sea dragon showing off its camouflage.

by Olya Scheer

Rockhopper penguins enjoying a spray. (Sprinklers regularly spray down the penguin islands to help keep them clean, learn more about the sprinklers on this Penguin Blog post!)

by Candi Imming

A northern fur seal resting on deck. It looks like he has feet!

by Mike Cook

OK, now it's your turn! Come visit us at the Aquarium, be sure to bring your camera, and then share your spectacular shots with us on facebook.

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