Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Podcasting sea monsters

Aquarium researcher Randi Rotjan, PhD, recently sat down with the host of Podcast of Life to talk about sea monsters. When she says sea monsters, Randi is referring to corals. Well, you'll just have to listen to the program to hear her explanation.

This podcast from Encyclopedia of Life also talks about a massive coral bleaching that happened around the Phoenix Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Follow Randi and other researchers to the Phoenix Island Protected Area (PIPA) by reading the archived Phoenix Island Blog. Learn how the marine protected area is faring today. Or check on her current coral studies in Belize on the Global Explorers Blog.

Still itching for another podcast? Listen for a longtime Aquarium researcher in this Podcast of Life. Scott Kraus, PhD, Vice President of Research, recalls an afternoon with some frisky right whales that left another researcher a little rattled and extremely awe-struck. A team of Aquarium right whale researchers just wrapped up another successful season tracking these whales in the calving grounds. Check in with the mother-calf pairs on the Right Whale Blog.

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