Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New lessons in the new year

Take your interest in our blue planet one step further. Immerse yourself in marine studies this new year with three unique classes offered by the Marine Studies Consortium. As an active member of this local academic group, the Aquarium is proud to once again host a Biology of Fishes course at our Learning Lab. The upper-level undergraduate class provides a unique opportunity to study evolution and diversity among fishes, and then see those species up close in our dazzling exhibits. This is one of the only university level classes to take place at a major aquarium!

(Photo: T. Rinaldo)

Other classes offered by the consortium include Coastal Zone Management, which explores the balance between the natural systems and development pressures, and the Biology of Whales, which dives into population biology and conservation challenges.

Classes are held in the evenings and are open to the public. Academic credit is also available. Visit the consortium's website to learn more about course outlines, syllabi and prerequisites.


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