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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Good luck to the Aquarium marathon team!

Tomorrow, runners with the New England Aquarium marathon team will motor out to Hopkinton and run all the way to Boston. The marathon is a physical feat that's to be respected. But these Boston marathoners are going above and beyond the exhaustion. They're helping to reach, engage and inspire future ocean protecters. That's because they've been fundraising in support of our education outreach programs at schools and community centers in addition to logging hundreds of training miles around Boston—and around the world.

Here we go! Marathon Monday is days away | Photo: BAA Facebook

The efforts of these runners and the significance of the Boston Marathon has not gone unnoticed by the media. We've collected just a few of the news stories about our local runners below. Recognize anyone? Is your hometown represented? Take a click around so you'll get to know who you're cheering for on Monday!

Meg Rabinowitz, the Somerville Patch, Massachusetts

Sean Marden, the Lowell Sun and, Massachusetts

Sarah-Anne Johnson, Taunton Gazeztte and Danvers Patch, Massachusetts

Mark Goodwin, Boston Business Journal and Wilmington Town Crier, Massachusetts

Alex Shopov, the Lynn Daily Item and Swampscott Patch, Massachusetts

Amanda Stonely, Plymouth Patch, Massachusetts

Chris Bauernfeind, Jamaica Plain Patch, Massachusetts

This is less than a third of the runners on our New England Aquarium marathon team. Meet the whole team, and considering sponsoring a runner or the team as a whole.

2014 New England Aquarium marathon team shirts—give a cheer for these folks on Monday!

Good luck New England Aquarium Marathon Team!

High five! Way to go team—we'll be cheering you all along the way.

Look back at the training season with the Aquarium runners:

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2014 Marathon Team: Training Update

We are just weeks away from the 2014 Boston Marathon® and the runners on the New England Aquarium marathon team are in the home stretch for their distance training—and their fundraising. These 25 runners from around the world are raising money in support of the Aquarium's ocean education outreach programs at schools and community centers. These programs offer kids in the Boston area a chance to experience (and hopefully fall in love with) the oceans.

Some runners took time away from training (and their every day lives) to volunteer for an Aquarium
ocean outreach event at the Boston Public Library hub at Copley.

But there are always miles to run. Just last weekend, the team ran their longest run of the training regimen: 21 miles along the course starting in Hopkinton.

A great turn-out and a lot of enthusiasm at the start of their long run on March 29

In early March, 10 teammates headed south to experience the thrill of competition during the Ocean's Run half marathon in Kingston, Rhode Island. For this bunch, it was just a training run.

Some of the teammates at the start of the Ocean's Run Half Marathon in Rhode Island—just a training run for this crew!
Note the blue New England Aquarium marathon team shirts from last year on Lee (center) and Chris (right).

It was an especially appropriate race for our team as the course hugged the coast for several miles—and beautiful coastline it was!

Beach in Kingston, Rhode Island

Action shot Keegan rounding the corner for the finish line

The team cheers as Sara-Anne and then Alex cross the finish line of their first half marathon.

The team also hosted a fundraising event at the Aquarium on March 22, and from the sound of it a good time was had by all. Each runner encouraged their family and friends (and friends of friends and roommates and cousins and...) to buy tickets to this special evening. Besides snacks, cocktails and dancing, guests got to mingle with the very animals we're teaching kids about. Word is that it was a really fun party, but folks couldn't take their eyes off the animals and exhibits!

The runners are now starting to taper down and rest up for the big day on April 21. But fundraising won't let up until race day! For those of you who support ocean education programming and support Boston Marathon runners, there's still time to support the dedicated members of our team. And on race day, look for the brilliant blue shirts and the gritty looks of determination on our runners' faces. Give them a little encouragement. Not only are they pounding their way along one of the world's most famous marathon courses—they're helping to create future ocean protectors!

Click here to meet the members of the New England Aquarium Marathon Team and support ocean education for local school children.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2014 Marathon Team: Meet the Team

Like last year, the New England Aquarium is fielding a team of dedicated runners who will head out to Hopkinton for the Boston Marathon®. This year's race takes place on April 21.

A great start–finish point for the team's 15-mile long run on Feb. 8: the Aquarium's cozy lobby!

Well before the start of the race, these 25 individuals from around the world will have put in hours and hours of training, through some pretty grueling conditions this winter (for local runners, at least—an Australian teammate is training in summer). In fact, you may have seen many of them on the roads recently!

All bundled up and smiling for the start of their 9-mile run on Jan. 26

Some of the planned training runs introduced the runners to the famed marathon course. After quick ride out on the T's Green Line (because taking public transportation is one way to live blue™!) the team plodded many miles toward the finish line. Many of this year's runners are returning to the team because they were unable to finish last year.

Runners gearing up for a 17-miler

In addition to putting in the long miles, each runner has committed to raising money for the Aquarium's traveling science education programs. These outreach programs bring the ocean to 45,000 children in diverse communities and schools throughout the Boston area each year. Outreach programs visit schools, afterschool programs and community centers, providing what is often the first opportunity for children to experience and learn about marine animals. Participants discover how these animals relate to their own lives and the simple things they can do to protect the oceans and our blue planet.

Sharing the ocean with local kids is what all those miles are about! 

Each of the runners have individual training pages that explains why they are running the marathon in support of the New England Aquarium. Head to the marathon team's page and take a gander—you'll find some pretty inspiring stuff from runners hailing from around world. Now you know who to cheer for come April 21!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

How running can be a special kind of volunteering

To bring our celebration of 2013 National Volunteer Week to a close, we asked one of our Dive Staff, John Hanzl, to share his insights on volunteerism and the new service program he was able to launch this fall. Read on for more information relating to a truly dedicated group of 20 volunteers who have donated their minds, bodies and dollars in service to the New England Aquarium for the last several months. 

Having just celebrated National Volunteer Week, I decided to look up the meaning of the word volunteerism.  Though my own career at the New England Aquarium started as a volunteer thirteen years ago, I never really thought too much about the actual act of volunteering.

This is what volunteering looks like: Runners on the Aquarium's marathon team running the Boston Marathon

The American Heritage Dictionary defines volunteerism as “the use of, or reliance on, volunteers, especially to perform social or educational work in communities.” I was amazed by the personal connection those words had for me, as for the past four months I had the privilege of being part of the process of getting the Aquarium to become a charity for the Boston Athletic Association, and of fielding a team of twenty truly amazing and unique individuals to run the 117th Boston Marathon.

The team convenes in the athletes village at the starting area in Hopkinton

Now one might ask, how does a team of marathon runners represent “social or educational work in communities?” It’s because these runners have banded together from all corners of the globe (even as far away as Australia) to be part of the Aquarium’s marathon team. And they’ve done this not only to share the experience and camaraderie of training for, and running in, the Boston Marathon, but to help raise funds for the Aquarium’s school and community programs, which reach over 47,000 children every year in diverse communities throughout Massachusetts.

Though every one of these runners has a story to tell, a unique experience to share – of personal strife and triumph, of self doubt and of overcoming those doubts – it’s their collective desire to become ambassadors for the Aquarium’s mission, and their boundless enthusiasm in support of that desire that embodies the true meaning of volunteerism.

Aquarium marathon team members help during a
Whale Day event at a local school, an outreach
program supported in part by the runners' fundraising.
Over the course of the past four month of relentless training and fundraising, these 20 runners have dedicated over 1,800 hours of their time and have raised over $98,000 for the Aquarium’s outreach programs. They have truly become advocates for our mission, and each and every one of them have helped to bring inspirational programming to schoolchildren all over the state. They have truly become a “band of brothers (and sisters!)”

So as a way of thanking our Aquarium marathon team for exemplifying so perfectly the meaning of volunteerism, I turn to our team motto and say, “Go Fish!”

— John Hanzl

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Go New England Aquarium Marathon Team!

Note Posted Monday, 4/15, at 8:53 p.m.
We are relieved to report that all members of the New England Aquarium Marathon Team are safe. Our thoughts and hearts go out to the runners, families and fans affected by the horrible events of Monday, April 15.

This Monday, thousands of runners will line up in Hopkinton to sprint, run, jog and shuffle their way to the finish line of the Boston Marathon in Copley Square. Here at the Aquarium, we'll be routing for a very special bunch of runners in the pack: the New England Aquarium Marathon Team! These runners have been training for months now and here's their opportunity to put those miles of training runs to the test.

Members of the New England Aquarium Marathon Team before a 20-mile training run 

Besides putting in the miles, entry onto this special team came with a commitment to the next generation of ocean stewards. You see, each of these runners pledged to raise money for the Aquarium's outreach programs, which connect with 47,000 children in diverse communities and schools throughout the Boston area each year.
Now that's dedication:
Aquarium diver and marathon team coach, Chris, on
one of the team's snowy training runs.

The Aquarium's traveling outreach programs visit schools, afterschool programs and community centers. During School Programs, Aquarium educators present scientific information in fun, interactive and effective ways, supporting classroom learning while inspiring a fascination for marine life. With a focus on serving local children and families, our Community Programs are offered free of charge in underserved neighborhoods and admissions passes are available for groups to visit the Aquarium. The Aquarium’s outreach programs provide what is often the first opportunity for children to experience marine animals. Participants discover how these animals relate to their own lives and the simple things they can do to protect the oceans.

So here's a simple shout-out to our runners:
Thank you for your dedication, for your blisters and sore muscles, for your creative fundraising and concern for our blue planet, and most importantly thank you for your help inspiring the next generation of ocean stewards through our outreach programs. live blue™ and run hard!

Look for the Aquarium runners on the course tomorrow with blue shirts. See pictures and video of two of our runners giving high-fives to our harbor seal Reggae!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New and familiar faces in the Tropical Oceans Exhibit

This is a cross-post from the Divers Blog. The New England Aquarium's transformation is taking place both above and below the water. Follow this link to learn more about the construction happening in the Giant Ocean Tank. And here are some new and familiar faces in the Tropical Ocean Exhibit. 

It may not look like it now, but there is a lot happening in the temporary exhibit where all the GOT animals are living now. Here's a special look at life below the water line!

Click here to watch this video in HD on our YouTube channel.

The GOT will be home to over 100 species when it reopens early this summer! This video introduces just a few of those species—both new and old—like fish in the grunts family, a short bigeye, a balloonfish, spadefishes, a queen trigger, fish in the jacks family, a sargassum trigger, a Southern stingray, and of course Myrtle, the green sea turtle, and her friend (word used lightly) Carolina, the loggerhead sea turtle. And if you look closely, you'll see some of our transport devices currently residing inside the tray in this video.

Myrtle, like our marathon team runners, has been carbo loading recently to get ready for her GOT reintroduction.
Stay tuned, we'll have a lot more to say about all the new animals that will join Myrtle the GOT!